Precious Cargo

Having decided upon the main themes I took a number of images exploring the idea. Not all of them would fit with every theme, but I was looking for a selection that covered more than one of them.  One shot that I took at the Holmpton Bunker seemed to bring together a lot of the things I was looking for. I then started to take a number of shots that would give me the contrast that I was looking for.  I eventually produced an image that would have a clear contrast on a lot of different levels.

Ration Packs

The ration packs image that I took at the Holmpton Bunker is a really striking image.  The rations are for soldiers that are at war.  I felt that this image certainly linked in with the Campaign theme, which always seems to infer war or conquest.  There is also a thought of Empire, and how the rations could be used to enable forces to either support or gain more territory. The contents are very heavily processed so that the maximum nutrition is available within them.  I like the way that I took the image with the packs on a table that had been laid out for a meal.  The table appears to have a very worn and distressed look that has come about through age and use.  The pottery is quite simple with no ornamentation; it looks particularly utilitarian and is in keeping with the military concept.  I took the shot with another table which was also laid out with pottery and cutlery as well as ration packs out of focus in the background.  I was hoping that this would give a pattern to the image, and pick up on the uniformity of the military theme.  Most people looking at this image would think that it showed a very ordered world in which there was a lot of regimentation and uniformity.

Apple Box

I was really pleased to take the picture of the apple box.  It really fits with the theme of Journey & Trade, the apples have been on a journey which was obviously for the purposes of trade.  I positioned it carefully in a derelict building.  The apples are perhaps the first fruit.  The story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden introduce apples to the world.  Eating the apple made Adam lose his innocence and caused him to have to leave Eden.  This allusion to the bible story fits in with the God’s and Spirit theme.  The tatty and battered appearance of the box alludes to this corruption of innocence, and is completely different to the clean sharp appearance of the ration packs.  I chose a derelict building as the background to jar against the ordered environment surrounding the ration pack, the broken plaster on the floor in the background is shown sharply so that it is clear that the building is deteriorating, giving a feeling of Death and decay.  I intentionally included the smallest part of a window, emphasising the Eden story that the apple was a key to a new world.  I positioned the box to have a similar orientation to the ration packs, I also pulled the box slightly open so that they appeared different to the closed and taped ration packs..

I think that these two images fit the brief of “Precious Cargo”.  The ration packs contain nutrition so that soldiers can continue in battle.  The  apple box contains the fruit that started the human path towards knowledge,  but also towards conflict and corruption.  The natural state of the fruit compared to the very heavily processed “rations” imply the changed state of humanity, going from the pure innocence of Eden to the conflict of the modern world, because even in times of peace there is always major conflicts in the world.