High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Yesterday the group was instructed to go out and take some images around hull which would be suitable for HDRing.

My image was captured in Cafe Nero, I decided to shoot one image in Raw format and from that produce  3 images. One a stop under exposed, one what the camera metered and another a stop over exposed. I did this because there are people in my image and if they have moved in any of the 3 shots I would have had to have taken to do it properly, it would have spoilt the process.

These are the three exposed I got from my one Raw file (-1, 0, +1):

With these 3 exposures, I created a HDR image using photoshops merge to HDR function.

The above image is what I managed to generate using the HDR function which is rather ghastly (as are most HDR images which aren’t subtle)

I decided it might look better in black and white so I used Photoshop’s channel mixer to put a black and white with yellow filter.
I think this is a much nicer image to look at.


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Lens Based Photo-media, Year 2

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