Studio Portraiture Initial Ideas

Having recently received the brief for the module: Lens Based Media in Practice (Studio), Part 2 “Advanced Portraiture/Fashion” I decided that I wanted to focus more on portraiture rather than fashion. I decided this because that is what interests me personally, when I photograph a person, I’m usually looking to reveal something about who that person is rather than just looking at what they are wearing.

I still maintain that fashion photography can be aesthetically spectacular and a very useful commercial marketing tool, but to achieve premium results within this sector you would need to be working with professional models, makeup artists and clothing designers in my opinion.

Looking at portraiture however, it’s more effective to keep the session very personal and relaxed in order to encourage your model to be them self (or maybe even create tension in the session to provoke a response), and you might be lucky enough to capture something which speaks about a person more deeply than mere aesthetics.

Taking all of this into account, I think I will focus my attention to photographing people I know well. Doing this will mean I have relaxed models who know me and know what I do, which should prove very helpful to me when photographing them. I also want to create something which breaks the mould a little and pushes me into experimenting with new ideas. Therefore, I think I’ll be attempting to use props with my models to help peer into their personality in a whole new way rather than just concentrating on facial expression.

Not only this, but I may try some group shots with 2 or maybe 3 people who are comfortable with each other in the hope that they will interact with one another and give an insight into the relationships between models. Another thing I’m hoping to experiment with is the lighting styles and the effect of these on my models. Having done some prior research, I have discovered a theory that high key set ups will encourage a model to be energetic in front of the camera, and low key set ups will cause models to be a lot more subdued. I’m hoping to experiment with this and see what type of set up will work best for the images I am trying to achieve.


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