Studio Portraiture Final Images

Having done plenty of research and a draft session already, I felt quite well prepared for my final shoot.

From my draft shoot I learned that props are an effective way of bringing out the personality of a person. However, I decided that my models should bring their own props this time rather than using props which I thought were right. I instructed my models to bring something or a few things to the studio which they loved or couldn’t live without. I thought this was better than providing my own as the images would feel less manufactured by myself.
Also I decided to steer away from group shots with multiple models. Although this provides very interesting subject matter, I decided that it was inappropriate for my project and turned the images into more a study of relationships rather than an insight into an individual. I think the group shots would make for an intriguing project of its own.

Due to what I had read and my experience whilst using a high key set up with these models I decided to go for a mid key set up using a gray background, by doing this I was hoping to avoid influencing any of my models emotions.

I wanted my images to be quite bright despite being mid key and I had to consider this when creating my lighting set ups. I had shot some images which gave quite a muted feel to the images and I felt this was nice because it discretely draws the audience away from bright colours and onto facial expressions. Black and white portraits do this in a similar way although they can enhance texture and contrast at the same time. I considered black and white but decided against it simply on personal preference. The difficulty came when photographing Emily (the oldest of the 3). She has bright red hair and I felt that using the very soft light I was using for the younger two to mute the colours wasn’t working with her. I changed the lighting to make the images of her slightly darker and more contrasty which worked to make the red hair add to the aesthetics of the image rather than distract. Also I felt her bright hair colour was a suitable reflection of her personality therefore the lighting set up was still in keeping and appropriate to my project.


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