Studio Portraiture Draft

I invited my potential models to the studio to capture some draft images and do some experimenting with the use of multiple models and props.

These are a couple of the shots which I captured which best show the results of my experiment. I understand that the lighting is incorrect in most of the images and a couple aren’t exposed exactly how they should have been. However, bear in mind that this is a draft and at this moment in time I was focussing more on how the models reacted to the circumstances they were put in to prepare for my final series of images.

As you can see I was correct in the presumption that the models would interact with one another in quite interesting ways, which in fact provided me with some quite creative and interesting images. Also, I introduced the Ukulele prop which the young lad, Will, couldn’t get enough of. He straight away turned into a miniature rock star and loudly began serenading his sisters. The older of the three, Emily, began to lose patience with her siblings as she wanted me to capture some nice shots of them together not being silly. However once a couple of these were captured she also ended up just having fun with it. I’m unsure as to whether the high key set up I used helped to energise the two younger siblings into behaving this way as there was insufficient time to try a low key set up.

I feel this was good preparation for my final shoot, and it’s helped me to realise what works and what doesn’t.


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Lens Based Photo-media, Year 2

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