Nautical Vanitas

I wanted this image to be less negative than the War Vanitas, I wanted it to have jolly undertones hence why it’s very pirate-ish. In this modern world, we look back on piracy in the 1700’s with a positive attitude and sometimes even humour. For example, the action comedy film series; Pirates of the Caribbean. In reality it was a dangerous and often short life filled with vices.

This is the lighting set up for my Nautical Vanitas, I used a black backdrop for the image, The key light to the right was quite harsh, the soft box on the left was quite low to fill in shadows and retain detail.  The snoot above was just to add a sparkle to the coins to enhance the fact that all the risk of a pirate’s life is seeking a reward of wealth.


About alexandermoore91
Lens Based Photo-media, Year 2

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