War Vanitas

Recently I went into the studio to shoot my Vanitas final shots, I didn’t over-plan it, I just had a large bag full of objects and vague idea in my head of what I wanted from shooting my draft and thinking about the opportunities of large format and studio lighting.

This is my war themed Vanitas final image. I feel it’s come out quite well aesthetically; I opted for a gray back drop rather than a black one to help the helmet stand out better. As far as content goes I think the image relays the messaged I intended.

This below is the lighting set up I used for my War Vanitas, I wanted the image to have quite a dark feel despite having a grey backdrop. I feel this was successful and I’ve kept all of the shadow detail by using a reflector on the left with quite a harsh light from the right.


About alexandermoore91
Lens Based Photo-media, Year 2

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